Who We Are

Our mission is to help our clients and their families work toward their financial goals. 

We understand that establishing a relationship with a trusted and knowledgeable advisor is an important decision.

Navigating the overwhelming number of financial products and services has become even more difficult, increasing the need to seek professional guidance. At the heart of the relationship with your advisor should be the assurance that you consistently receive sound financial advice that is in your best interest and that you fully comprehend.


At Foundation Capital Management, we distinguish ourselves in many important ways:

  • We are independent financial advisors representing our clients, not a particular company.
  • We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning; coordinating your retirement, investment, tax, estate and insurance plans and we have developed strategic alliances with other qualified professionals.
  • Our principals are among the most experienced in the industry, possessing some of the most prestigious professional credentials.
  • We build long-term relationships by providing personalized service.


With each client, we emphasize exceptional service by effectively utilizing our extensive resources, experience, independence and education. We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning to help our clients navigate today's complex and dynamic marketplace.


Our Principles & Core Values


Above all else comes integrity. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are a fiduciary. Our fiduciary duty is an ethical obligation to act solely in our client's best interest. We will avoid any and all conflicts of interest by always doing the right thing and maintaining complete confidentiality regarding personal and business matters.



It is our competence that determines our clients' success. We maintain our edge by continuing our education and providing unique solutions using the latest innovations available. Retirement is too important to entrust to inexperienced practitioners. Our continued commitment to excellence sets us apart from our competitors.


Creating and managing intergenerational wealth is a profound responsibility. We exercise prudent judgment by using a disciplined approach, emphasizing quality in all portfolios, proactively managing risk, educating our clients and keeping them informed at all times.



Our clients expect and deserve exceptional service at all times. We are accessible and responsive to our clients. Our clients expect to know what they are paying and to receive more for their money from us than they can get anywhere else.



Plan for an advantage.

retirement planning RETIREMENT PLANNING
investment planning INVESTMENT PLANNING
tax strategies TAX STRATEGIES
education planning EDUCATION PLANNING
risk planning RISK PLANNING
estate planning ESTATE PLANNING
charitable planning CHARITABLE PLANNING


We develop and implement strategies to increase and preserve the wealth of our clients.

Our Financial Planning Process:


1. Identify Financial Objectives & Goals

2. Gather Data

3. Analyze Information & Develop Long-Term Strategy

4. Present the Rationale Behind the Recommendations

5. Implement the Strategy

6. Continually Monitor & Update the Plan